We help companies ship code and grow metrics

We work with a small number of companies at one time. We provide technical development capacity and/or help building the business side by growing metrics and helping a company prepare to raise further funding, as applicable. Please contact our Founder/CEO, Adrian Scott, for further info through your social/business networks or via email. Coderbuddy is a 500 Startups portfolio company. Coderbuddy's technical development talent operates in U.S. timezones for productive communication and coordination with North American-based partners and clients.

Coderbuddy CEO Biography Highlights

  Founding Investor, Napster
  Founder, pioneering social network Ryze
  Thiel Foundation Mentor
  Ph.D. Math at age 20 from Rensselaer (RPI)
  Started developing software at age 7

Testimonials (Coderbuddy CEO Adrian Scott)

‘When Adrian joined my Board last year, I was finding it hard to find a path forward for my company. We were spending a lot of effort and money on different product features and marketing campaigns with little success. After listening to what I felt I had to "do" to succeed, Adrian asked the simple question: what do I need to "learn" to succeed. This simple question was an epiphany for me. Adrian introduced me to proven frameworks that helped me determine what I needed to learn. He helped us put the tools and methods in place needed to collect metrics and turn them into actionable information. Thanks to Adrian, the fog has lifted, I'm now navigating towards success -- and the metrics prove it.’
Omid McDonald, CEO
(Omid is a serial entrepreneur who previously founded and sold startups VMI Medical and Simbit)

"Adrian Scott has made a substantial contribution to the creation of our capital markets web site. He not only has an impressive knowledge of all the latest web technologies but Adrian has the rare ability to see the most effective business application for those technologies and to put them in the context of an online marketing strategy."
James Leatherberry, Former Managing Director of Capital Markets Technology
Bank of America Global Markets Group

"Adrian Scott produced our Site, a news center for journalists, on time and budget for our Valentine's Day public relations needs. Because of the template-driven infrastructure they produced, we've been able to easily maintain the site ourselves since then. We've been very happy with his work and their continued support."
Trish McDermott, Former Public Relations Director